[Single] Kanon Wakeshima - still doll

Monday, July 21, 2008


This is Kanon Wakeshima's debut single. It was released on May 28, 2008. It peaked at #33 in Oricon Weekly Chart by selling 6,838 copies so far. The A-side was used as an ending theme song to the anime Vampire Knight. Also, this single was produced by Mana, as former guitarist from Visual-Kei band, Malice Mizer.

still doll is one of the scariest song that i've ever heard. Thanks for orgels and Kanon's cello for making this song so scary. While this song has unique and awesome music, however, vocals is the main problem in this song. She has a bad vocal technique which showed clearly at the chorus. However, that isn't a big problem for a dark-atmosphered song like this one did.
Arrangement: B+ | Music: A | Vocals: C

Techno-classical fusion song, Kuroi Torikago, yet again followed that scary atmosphere. This song even scarier than its a-side. Her cello has more spotlight in this song (but i want even MORE >.<). I absolutely love the music. But again... It's her vocal that spoil this song. Since this song is so short, it still bugs me when the song ends.
Arrangement: B+ | Music: A- | Vocals: C-

still doll (Orgel Version) is much like still doll's instrumental. It only uses orgel nonetheless. I'll surely put this song as an BGM when i have to make a short film for my language schooltask. Best of all, Kanon's vocal doesn't exist ^^.
Arrangement: A- | Music: A | Vocals: -

Favorite Song: still doll (Orgel Version)

I just demand one thing from Kanon Wakeshima. She REALLY has to repair her vocal technique. I am a member of my school's choir. So, vocal has my biggest concern.

Overall, I give the score [79/C+] for this single.


Saya said...

I'm not a fan of this single. I, like you, think her vocals are pretty poor (I'm training to be a classical singer :) ). Her voice is weak and tone is a little annoying. The music isn't that amazing either, but I do like the use of the cello. I do like her lolita look too. Overall it could have been alot better, and from what people were saying I expected alot more. I only bothered listening to this single once as nothing about it really caught my attention.

Tyo said...

Classical singer? Opera? or sth like that?
Quite similiar to me. I joined choir ^^. Since i'm just a bass, it's hard to sing a normal (male) song.
I was also tempted by what people said. But, I only listen to the orgel version regularly. To scare my younger sister >.<